Sunday, February 24, 2013

Publix Trip: 2/24/2013

Trip # 3 :
4 Nabisco Chips Ahoy BOGO $4.79
10 Hunts tomato sauce $.40ea
4 Cheesy Skillets BOGO $2.99
4 Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast BOGO $2.89
1 Aloha Hawaiian Punch $1.67
Total AC's = $11.03
Total Saved = $40.80
78.74% off!
There wasnt a Sunlight dish detergent left on the shelf. Nor any Oreos...I didnt have my other coupons with me for the Chips Ahoy, so I just paid for them anyway.
Would have been $2.00 less and 4 more Sunlights for the stockpile if they had stocked the shelves.
But Im not complaining....I will pop in again before the sale is over to check to see if they stock the Sunlight again. Thats another deal too good to pass up!
Once again, to see what coupons I used hop on over HERE to I Heart Publix!

Thanks so much Michelle!

P.S.~~ I did use a $5/$25 Save A Lot coupon that isnt listed in Michelle's list.


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