Thursday, February 21, 2013

Publix Trip 2/21/2013

Finally a trip worth posting about!! lol!
I bought alot of stuff my stockpile was depleted of since I havent really been
couponing alot lately due to the severe lack of stock here.
This morning I was the only couponer there.
 ( Woohoo! Everything in stock?? Why Yes it was! )
The cashier and I had a long conversation about how the
couponing "fad" seems to be letting up some.
(Heck Yeah!)
Maybe I can dust off my coupon binder and jump back into the game now?
( Teeeheeeheee)
I bought:

6 Classico Pasta Sauce $2.85ea
6 Ronzoni spaghetti $1.69ea
2 Ronzoni Lasagna $2.19
2 Progresso Broth $2.59ea
2 Skippy Natural PB $3.49ea
4 Wishbone dressing $2.89ea
8 Green Giant canned veggies $1.49ea
2 Progresso recipe starters $2.39 ea
10 Hunts diced tomatos $1.49ea
10 Hunts tomato sauce ( small cans) $.40ea
4 Atkins entrees $3.99ea
2 Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast $2.89ea
Non BOGO's:
6 Dannon Oikos yogurt $1.00ea
3 Mullers yogurt $1.00ea
4 Chef Boyardee pasta $1.00ea.
4 Knorr pasta sides $1.00ea
2 Old Wisc. turkey snacks $3.99ea
My total was:
$46.72 after coupons!
I saved $97.91!!!
Thats 67.69%
To see what coupons I used hop on over HERE to I Heart Publix!
Thanks so much Michelle!
P.S.~~ I did use a $5/$55 Winn Dixie catalina coupon that isnt listed in Michelle's list.
Im making another smaller trip this afternoon or first thing in the morning to stock up on those small cans of Hunts tomato sauce & paste! Just too good of a deal to pass up!
Blessings my friends!
Hopefully this will be one of many posts to come!


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