Friday, October 12, 2012

In a bloggy time out?

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, I am just not feeling too bloggy! =(
I was really trying to post at least ONE post per day, but I have sadly missed that by a long shot!
I tend to stay on Facebook more, chatting with all the Facebook friends from the blog, so I have  really lacked in posting deals, but quite honestly, there havent been alot to post about IMHO.
I dont know if you guys/gals noticed, but there seems to be a bazillion coupon blogs, posting the same deals they find on OTHER blogs to their blogs? I never quite understood that one, but admittedly I did the same thing back when I first started my "old" blog, because I thought you were "supposed" to...but that got! So that leads to the question....WTH do I post here if its not a repeat post from another blog or another tedious coupon matchup that no one even reads? I am not sure what to do here to make it stand out from all the rest of the coupon blogs that have professional writers and many team the heck does one person compete with that? You can't...just that simple. Which has led me to not finding anything to post about at all. Its a vicious cycle, I tell ya!
I love the Meet me on Mondays quizzes but otherwise this blog isnt "fun" for me like it should be.
I am having so much more fun chatting/inboxing you guys/gals over on Facebook, that I am kinda spoiled so when I come to the actual blog to make a post with NO/little interaction/comments from anyone at all...its discouraging! Not to mention its so much more fun when there is someone actually talking back to you! kwim? lmao!
I dont know what the direction will be for this blog, but one thing for sure is that you Facebook friends...all 900+ of you...totally make my day! No coupon matchups and copying/pasting required! LMAO!


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