Saturday, September 22, 2012

Question for you guys....

Anyone use one of these as there coupon binder? They have the coupon sheets for it as well.

I am contemplating switching to using 2 of them, one for food, one for non food. I am so sick of lugging my big binder in the stores, my binder purse is so large it barely fits in the shopping cart child seats, at CVS...well it takes up half of the bottom of the cart! So most of the time I am carrying it on my shoulder and it weighs a ton!

I am curious if any of you "downsized" to one or two of these?
Are they small enough to fit into a purse and still be able to open and flip through in the store?
How are the pages compared to the baseball card sheets?

Any feedback is much appreciated!

I posted the above question on WUC as well, with only one response....are they really thaaaatt bad? I am so looking for something smaller but functional....please ole please someone out there have one of these that is willing to provide an honest review before I waste my money! lol!


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