Friday, September 7, 2012

Publix: Shopping trip today and a couple snafu's!!

I bought:
12 Crush 2liters $1.34 each
(this was a snafu, was not BOGO at my store)
2 7 Up 2liters BOGO $1.89
4 Old El Paso dinner kits BOGO $3.19
6 Knorr sides BOGO $$1.49
4 Yakisoba BOGO $.99
4 Louana oils BOGO $4.15
2 Friendship Sour Cream BOGO $2.29
8 Old Orchard 100% Juice BOGO $1,99
5 Bailey's Creamer $1.50
2 Lender's bagels $1.99 each
( another snafu, was advertised  to be BOGO but didnt come off on my receipt)
2 Publix cream cheese $.93
1 package ground sirloin MD $4.91
total after coupons= $36.20
saved $86.40
I will get the $1.99 for the Lender's bagels when I go back to the store, since it should have worked.
The Crush was totally my fault. I didnt check the ad online before shopping and they were still putting the signs up, so there was no signage for the Crush advertising the BOGO, so I will chalk this one up to lesson learned.


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