Sunday, September 23, 2012

CVS: Free/Cheap 9/23-9/29

WUC has this weeks deals posted HERE
I havent even made a list for CVS yet this week.
The reason being that most of the good deals are for the razors and monthly shampoo deal. Both of which my stores have been out of for weeks. I cannot justify another drive to CVS to find the same empty shelves that I have found for the past few weeks. Next time I go in, and the shelves are still bare I will try to remember to snap a pic so you guys can see what I mean. The store cannot be stocking....literally. I went at different times and days, after the truck comes on Wednesdays, then early again on Thursday mornings just to see for myself if they are stocking and just selling out quickly, but nope....the same empty shelves remained. =(


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