Saturday, August 4, 2012

Winn Dixie: Filling the freezer!

Yep....2 lonely coupons used on this trip.
 But at least they were used on meat, since I rarely ever get coupons
for that and its one of our biggest budget busters!

I bought:

6 packages of ground sirloin patties
2 Large packages Sirloin steaks
2, 3lb packages Ground chuck
1 pack seedless grapes
3 packages pork sirloin steaks/chops
4 Corn muffin mixes
1 can salmon
1 package asparagus ( yumm!)
1 Boneless pork roast
3 large packs chicken drumsticks
2 whole chicken
2 lbs bacon
2 bags of Doritios ( DD)
1 bag of flour

Total OOP with tax = $104.22

Total savings = $54.03

34.14 % off!


I am up to $.40 off per gallon of gas! Woo hoo! Thanks Fuel Perks!


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