Saturday, August 4, 2012

Walmart- 8/1 stock up trip!

This was a massive trip.
A lot of "non" grocery items so I am not quite sure how to figure the true OOP from the grocery budget with those thrown in to one receipt..
They normally come from our Misc. catagory in our budget and are purchased seperately, but when you take your teen DD with you....not so much. 

She found a cute pack of undies for less than $7.00, out of the blue she "needed" face wash, $4.47 , thank goodness I had my binder, I had $1.50 off that one!
Our electric can opener decided to die on me, so $12.00 there.

I normally go to Sams for the TP & Paper towels,
but they were cheaper at WM after coupons, the Scott Extra Soft TP had equal sheets as the brand I get at Sams and the Towels were less that $11.00 AC's for the largest Mega rolls of Brawny 12 pack which has more sheets per roll than the brand I get at Sams. So yeah, I bought them there.


I bought

2, 24 roll "bonus" sheet packs Scott Extra Soft TP
1 case Dasani
1 Brawny 12 Mega roll paper towels
2 , 24 packs Ramen noodles
2 Thomas everything bagels ( yummy!)
DD's undies
10 2 liters Diet soda
4 Mac & cheese dinners
1 Reynolds oven bags
1 gal milk $
8 Gain dryer sheets
1 frozen turkey breast $15.59
1 frozen turket breast $15.54
1 90 sq. ft foil
1 200 sq ft plastic wrap
2 Dawn dish det
2 lbs bologna
1 strawberry cream cheese spread
4 Zzzquil $4.97 each
DD's face cleanser $4.47
can opener $11.94
1 Glade refill
1 24ct popcorn
1 12ct cupcakes *reduced*

total OOP with tax = $163.76 ( thud)

total savings= $24.00

12.78% off!
( ack!)


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