Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Winn Dixie: Shopping Trip today.

I bought:

1- 2 1/2 dozen eggs $4.59
1 Cherry ice pops $1.50
2 gals milk $3.39 each
2 Lay's chips $4.39 each BOGO
1lb Dietz&Watson deli turkey breast $9.26
1lb Dietz & Watson deli turkey breast $10.65
1lb Land o Lakes Deli American Cheese $8.53
1 CV vegetable oil $1.85
1 package red grapes $1.29
1 package ground beef $7.25
4- 4lb bags Dixie Crystals sugar $1.98 each
1 Pillsbury brownie mix $1.79
1 Betty Crocker carrot cake mix $1.50
1 Betty Crocker Frosting $1.69
2 Luzianne tea bags $2.49 each BOGO
1 Iron Chef General Tso's glaze $4.59

-$5.00/$55.00 purchase Catalina
-$3.00 Dixie Crystals sugar ( 4x $.75/1's HERE )
Total OOP with tax= $64.47

The Land O lakes cheese ( Double Play) didnt come off like it should have.
The deli clerk said I could get 2 Double Play deals and it would work, even though I showed her where it said "Single Transaction"... well it didnt.
So I went to customer service and got back the difference ($4.53).
Thats why the circle is on my!

So my true OOP with tax was $59.94.

I saved $33.08

33.91% off.

Not my best trip, but its decent.
I got a call while in the store to bake a cake to donate 
for a cake walk for one of our neighbors,
so I picked up the needed items for that while I was in the store.

~Edited to add...
I was doing the math to update my spending widget in my side bar...well...
she still shorted me $.50 on the Land O Lakes cheese! Grrrr!!!
 Ah well....not worth the gas to drive back to the store! =(


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