Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sams Club- Monthly Shopping trip 7/3

I bought,

1 soda for DS
1 10lb Tyson chicken breasts
12ct large sirloin steaks
1 Hormel Crumbled bacon 20oz
1 10lb Krusteaz pancake mix
2 - 64oz jugs Mrs. Butterworth's syrup
1 16ct Drumstick ice cream
1 Folgers coffee 48oz
1 Naproxen 400ct
1-1000ct Ibuprofren
1 6ct Steam bags corn
1 - 190ct Ranitidine
1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch , 49.5oz
2 Natures Own Bread
1 Toaster Strudel , 24ct
1 Jimmy Dean Pancakes & Sausage 12ct
1 Quaker granola bars 48ct
1 Pop Tarts 36ct

Total OOP with tax = $152.36

I say monthly trip, but most everything
above with the exception of the Chicken Breast, Sirloin steaks, corn and bread,
will last us much , much longer than that.
The meds, pancake  mix, and syrup, we normally buy only once per year.

They are doing a promo right now to try and get members to upgrade to the eValues level membership ( June 27- July 8 in case any of you didnt know about it either), I just cannot justify spending $100 per year versus the $40.00 basic membership. I may have a different opinion if they ever let the members choose what eValues they want versus what they give you....kwim?

So on a brighter note, I saved a whopping $11.00 with their promo ,
but any savings is better than none.


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