Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WWTK Wed's- Oh Baby its hot in here!

Welcome to We Want to Know Wednesdays Q&A
Hosted by Mamarazzi and Crazymama

Let's talk summer. Ours is in full swing and the temps are rising , so this weeks questions are about keeping cool and other summer delights.

(1) What is the usual summer high temperature where you live?

We live in Central Florida, so its always hot, at least to me. Our average temps in summer are 95 degrees, but its the hottest and muggiest 95 degress I have ever felt. Not like VA weather, there, 95 degrees was just 95, it feels like 115 degrees when you factor in the humidity.

(2) How do you keep cool? Do you have central air?

We drink lots of cold water, swim in our pool and keep the central a/c on around the clock in the summer.

(3) Do you swim? If you get in the water do you get your hair and make-up wet?

Yep, I swim...and what fun would that be? To me, the best part of cooling off in a pool, is that first dive under the water! So ...yea, I get my hair wet, but no makeup on, thats pointless if your gonna be hanging out in the pool all day.

(4) What is your favorite summer look? As far as outfit , shoe choice and hairstyle? (Pics are rad or just describe it.) Do you wear less make-up in the summer?

I have had to adapt my summer style since moving here to FL. In VA I was a tshirt & shorts girl. But here that much fabric against my skin is like wearing a fur coat.

Most days you will find me dressed this way:
I bought this at Target a couple weeks ago and <3 it!

 My Earth Spirit Sandals, I have them in the Chocolate brown color.


Big Sunglasses!

My hair is 99.9% of the time up in some sort of updo. I just had it cut, but its still just below my shoulders and thick -n- wavy as heck! So yeah, its gotta be up off my neck!

I have been wearing much less makeup since moving here. A dusting of my beloved Bare Minerals is even too hot. So I skip it all on the face, I just use liquid eyeliner & waterproof mascara on my eyes and Nivea lip balm on my lips.

Thats about it, not too much fabric to keep me scorching in this weather, but look good at the same time. =)

(5) What is your favorite summer meal to make or eat, either way? (Score extra cool points for a recipe.)

Cobb Salad


Jo said...

That cob salad is looking sooo good right now!

Yeah I don't see the point of wearing make-up of you are swimming.

Kenzie CBMommyhood said...

Wow it gets hot there! I don't know if I would survive that heat, haha I would probably toast like a marshmallow.
That dress is so cute! I really do need to start shopping at Target.
That Cob Salad looks absolutely delicious. I agree with Jo 100%!
Stopping by from WWTK :)

Mamarazzi said...

first of all i love the bag, love it!! i am all about that first refreshing dive in the pool too!!

thanks so much for linking up!

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