Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rain, rain...go away?...not today!

Good morning & blessings on this dreary, rained soaked Sunday morning!

As many of you are aware the above is TS Debby. =(
She is forecasted to keep Floridians drenched until Tuesday of next week,
possibly longer depending on the shift of the storm,
so far anyway; the forecast seems to change every hour or so.

I really shouldnt complain about the rain though, we are in a drought.
But...I hate this gloomy...and confining...and soooo not like
my normal beautiful mornings.

I know we need it so I am going to be happy and Praise God for this rain.
I am finding the beauty in it as I type this post, it makes the grass so green,
 and my hibiscus, we planted for Momma is in full bloom and beautiful!

God is good!


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