Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weekly Totals: 2/26-3/3/2012~ 74% savings this week!

Its weekly total time again!
This week is still out of February's budget.

I think that holding myself accountable each week has
been really helping reduce the grocery budget!

 I spent a total of $310.46 this month.

That is almost down to what it was in VA...Yay!
I am aiming at making it back to that $250.00 mark!


CVS: $19.75


Publix: $4.82


Publix: $23.28

My total OOP this week = $47.85
Total Savings = $132.65

I saved 74% this week!
Yay me!

Monthly OOP so far:

Week: 2/19-2/25/2012 = $57.16

This week: = $ 47.85

Total Monthly OOP =$310.46

Total Monthly Savings: $451.68

59% off.


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