Saturday, February 11, 2012

Weekly totals: 2/4-2/11/12

This is a new addition to my blog, starting today, and each Saturday hereafter, 
 in an effort to lower my grocery spending again.
Our grocery budget has climbed from $250.00 per month in VA
to $400.00 per month, since we moved here to FL,
some months it has been a little more. =(

I hope that this makes me accountable and gives me the
 motivation to get our grocery budget back down to what it was before we moved here.

My Shopping trips this week have been :


CVS: $6.88
( this scenario + 2 gallons of milk)


Publix: $9.16
( unplanned trip; turkey breast for my sons lunchs)


Publix: $35.42

Winn Dixie: $11.85


Dollar General: $18.62

My total OOP:

Total savings:


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