Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekly Totals: 2/12 thru 2/18/2012

Its that time again....weekly total time that!
My Shopping trips this week have been small :


CVS- $5.61


 Dollar General Market-$8.12

Farmers Market- $22.40

Today we stopped at the Farmers Market, we picked up the produce we needed for the week, as well as 1/2 flat of Plant City strawberries...mmmmmmmm! But of course my teenage, chocolate addicted daughter just had to get me to make chocolate dipped strawberries but they were ooooh sooo gooood!!
So the above trips for 2/13 were the fixins for these little pieces of heaven
 and our produce for the!


Walmart- $38.36


Publix- $9.16


My total OOP this week = $83.65
Total Savings = $82.03

Monthly OOP so far:

This week = $83.65

= $165.58


sarita edgerton said...

Way to go! I saved $82 but spent $140. Pretty good!

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