Sunday, February 26, 2012

CVS: My Trip today 2/26....

....was all about cashing out my ECB's and earning a CVS Cash Card.

I have a love/hate relationship with CVS, I really do.
I love the ECB program and sales they have, however,
I HATE wasting my time and gas driving there to find the shelves bare.

If they have something that we really need or is too good of a deal to pass up,
then I have my cash card to use, that doesnt expire in a month like ECB's do.
We are so stocked up on things again, so it is time for a break from CVS.


Heres what I bought:

3 Scott Paper Towels $16.47
2 Scott Extra Soft TP 18 rolls $14.98
1 Nair cream $2.89 clearanced
{not pictured, my teen DD just had to try this...sigh!!}
-$2.00 { 2 x $1.00 Scott Extra TP expiring today}
-$3.00 { 3 x $1.00 Scott towels expiring today }
-$12.00 ECB's
+$2.21 {7% tax}
=$19.75 OOP
earned $10.00 CVS Cash Card

Total saved: $32.90


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