Sunday, February 12, 2012

CVS: My shopping trip today!

I purchased everything in my scenario HERE,
 but I had to substitute my 7up 2 liter for A&W Diet 2 liter cuz they were out,
 I found the Valentines Snickers Hearts in store for $.75 each
-$1.00/2 1/29 RP = $.25 each.
{ I bought 8 of these}
Snickers Eggs are $.50 each this week.
I got a CRT for $.25/2 so those were $.75 for 2.

I spent $5.61 OOP with tax, I saved $54.87,
& I earned back $12.00 in new ECB's

So a  little more OOP than I had planned, but not by much.
That 7% tax on non food items is killer here in FL. =(


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