Friday, November 18, 2011

Publix & Bakery Outlet combined shopping trips on 11/17/2011

Publix trips OOP= $14.47 with tax
Bakery Outlet OOP = $8.53
total OOP= $23.00 for all the above!

I saved $122.37 just at Publix!

Its hard to say how much I saved at the bakery outlet,
but I know the Natures Own bread is almost $3.00 per loaf
 at Winn Dixie....its only $1.09 per loaf at the outlet!
The Sweetbay bagels were only $.69 each, not sure the regular price of these,
since I dont normally shop at Sweetbay.
I also grabbed my son's lunch snack cakes there too, I think they were $1.09 per box.
Thats alot of savings especially since thats the only kind of bread
 my hubby and kids will eat and boy is it expensive here in Lakeland!

To see what coupons I used at Publix, hop on over HERE.

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