Sunday, November 13, 2011

Christmas: Thrify gift Ideas: Gifts In a Jar

Here are a few ideas for gifts in a jar:

Cookies in a jar:

(photo credit TOH )

Pancake Mix in a jar:

photo credit ( HERE )

Candy in a jar:
photo credit ( HERE )

The candy jars perfect for teachers and co-workers!
Grab a huge bag of starlight mints for just $1.00 at Dollar Tree, toss them in a $1.00 jar from Dollar Tree
=$2.00 per jar!

Now if I were doing a cookie gift in a jar gift I would grab a pack of cookie mix ( bought with coupons of course) and hit the Dollar Tree for the jar = $2.00 or less per jar!

The same for the pancake mix gift in a jar, use a coupon for the mix and hit Dollar Tree for the jar
= under $2.00 per jar.

When you have picked what gift in a jar you would like to make, be sure to add a tag with the recipe on one side. ( if it requires one that is ) Google has tons of printables you can use.

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Kelley said...

Hi! I am stopping by from the Mingle Monday Blog Hop. I like new Gifts in a Jar ideas! I am a new GFC follower & look forward to your future posts. When you get a chance, stop by for recipes, cooking, entertaining, food storage ideas & More! Have a great day!

Em @ And Nothing Else Matters said...

Hi! I am a new follower from the Follow me wednesday blog hop. I just love this idea of the gifts in the jars. I am making a tonne of the christmas presents this year, not only is it fantastic for the budget, but I believe it makes the presents all the more special. Em

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