Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Christmas Countdown begins ....43 days to go!

Its hard to believe that Christmas is almost here!
I was browsing around the internet and came across a great article on
The New Homemaker, titled: I'm dreaming of a Cheap Christmas ,
she has some great tips there that really got me thinking about our Christmas list.

We arent traveling back to Virginia this year, so instead of buying for the whole extended family or "fake family" as my daughter would call know the ones....they only are your family when they come to get the it birthdays, Christmas...etc.., otherwise you never hear from or see them any
 other times of the year...yep...they are off the list this year,
so the only gifts that are going to be shipped back to Virginia are for my sister and niece, that cuts down alot.

So that just leaves my Mother & Father in law here in Florida, our kids and each other, that we are buying for. Also, my MIL &FIL have a few fabulous neighbors, so I am gonna be putting some small gift "baskets" together for them. Maybe a coffee mug with either hot cocoa & marshmallows or herbal tea like these:

(photo credit TJB )

You guys know that I love Ross for gifts, so that is gonna be my first stop each day that I go Christmas Shopping. JCP also puts out fabulous coupons for their store, so I always try to shop around when they have their $10.00/$25.00 coupons out.

Now that I have a number in my head,  I need to start making the list and set a dollar amount for each person. Of course we all try to stay within a budget, but this year I am really cutting our spending down!

So have you guys started your Christmas lists yet?


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