Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Walgreen's Awesome deals!

I confirmed this morning at the South Florida Ave store & the Lakeland Highlands store that the Cottonelle Ultra (purple packs, as seen below) 12 roll are working for the $3.00 RR deal.

(photo credit Amit Deals World )

Also, plenty of Halls left at the South Florida Ave store, no razors though, but the Lakeland Highlands store was wiped clean of both ( as expected, this is where I ran across that shelf clearer I posted about HERE & HERE on WUC )

I found some great deals with the Revlon 40% off sale:

- $5.00/1 Age defying coupon,  pay just $3.39 each

Revlon nail clippers pay just $.79 each after $1.00/1 coupon!

Revlon Emery Boards are FREE after $1.00/1 Revlon coupon.

Revlon Tweezers are just $.79 after $1.00/1 coupon.

Of course I used RR's & coupons to help pay for what makeup I bought today.

I got 9 various Revlon beauty tools
2 Cover Girl compact make ups ( these are Buy 1 get 1 50% off)
4 Revlon Age Defying liquid makeups
5 candy bars (for fillers)
total OOP after coupons & RR's
before tax: $8.21
 +$4.13 TAX ( ouch!)=$12.34
But I saved $86.12!

I also ended up with 8 packs of the Cottonelle, 4 at each of the 2 stores. There is PLENTY of stock at both stores surprisingly! So I am planning on stopping by again later in the week.

The above was just one of my shopping trips today, I'm just too tired to post the others,
 so I will!

I purchased  $297.29 worth of products today at various stores,
 for $112.91 that includes the
dreadful 7% tax on non food items here in FL.

$34.03 of that total was all meat items( pot roasts, steaks,...etc)
 at Winn Dixie.

I saved $184.38 combined.
Not too bad! I guess, but I have
had to adjust my monthly grocery budget since
we moved here to Lakeland.
In VA, I spent $250.00 ( give or take) per month,
 but here I spend $400.00 per month, easily.


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So glad you stopped by A Season for All Things. I'm always trying to save money and it is great blogs like yours that keep it simple for me! I'm your newest follower and look forward to many great reads! ~ Ellen

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