Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 things about me.

This is my first time linking up with's Top Ten Tuesday!
I look forward to many more "Tuesday's" to on with the list!

10 Random things about me....

1. I have the weirdest sense of humor, I find something funny about nearly everything.
Sometimes this can be a good thing, but other times....not so much.

2. Most people think I am a "mean girl"  because most natural red heads are hot tempered, and we are, but I learned at a very young age how to control that temper. Most are surprised to find that in all actuality, I am very laid back and cool tempered. It takes ALOT to get me upset, but when I do....well....its not pretty.

3. I love Jersey! Its true, and IDK why?
Its a pointless show, I know, but its like watching a train wreck and you just cant look away.

4. I am still " in the closet" with my coupon savings, blog and everything in general to do with couponing from my siblings and extended family. Weird, right?  They already consider me "nerdy" because I was always the "smart one", this would prolly make it even harder for me during trips home for the holidays and such, so its been under lock and key for well over 10 years now....

4.5. Apparently, I am a great secret keeper too.....lmao!

5. I have 3 anklet, one very large, lower leg piece,
and one in a place only my hubby can!

6. I cannot stand bugs, any bug, be it an ant, bee, mosquito, those weird looking double ended bugs here in Florida, that I have never seen in my life, until we moved here, and any other bug ....absolutely, positively...CANNOT!
They fall into the catagory with snakes, and gators. EWWWW!

7. I listen to every genre of music out there, just about, and love 99% of it. I dont do that scream me thats not music, its! I seem to remember every lyric to every song I hear...idk why or how, but I do.

8. My hubby, daughter and son are my saving grace.
Through this whole battle with Momma's cancer, then her passing, they have stood by me every step of the way. Whether it was an unusually long chemo visit to UVA < which was almost 2hrs away from where we lived in VA >, and I needed my daughter to pick up her brother from school, because there was no way I was gonna make it back in time to get him. To my hubby, being home straight from work to make dinner for the children and have me some waiting too when I finally made it home late that night, then sit with me and talk about things I was feeling and how to cope with it all. To my son, my heart, whom always put a smile on my face even when I didnt think one was left in me. They have been/ continue to be my support through this whole ordeal. I am blessed.

9. I know I am a strong woman, but sometimes I think the higher powers are testing me too much and too often. I have been through so much in the 37 years I have been on this earth. But I really and truly believe that if they didnt think I could handle it, they would chill out!! I know I am the sum of my life experiences, but I think enough is enough!

10. Writing 10 things about yourself is rather hard to!


mglawler said...

Great post! I have 9 tattoos! I am a new follower from the blog hop.


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Great post! I am a new follower from the Tuesday Hop! Hope you will stop by my site to say hi!


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