Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday! 10 places life has taken me these past few days.....

In case you all didnt notice, its been 5 whole days since my last post! =( 

Here is where life has taken me these past few days..... guessed it! I had to make the dreaded trip to the FL Transportation office in Lakeland....Holy Moly! I have never in my life had to wait that long at the DMV....EVER!
This is the most disorganized fiasco of a DMV you ever have seen! I never thought I would say it, but I miss the VA DMV, I never appreciated the order of the offices there, until I went to a FL DMV....WOW!
My hubby and I were there literally all day took us hours to even get to the desk, the line was so long! Then the wait time was beyond belief AFTER you get your ticket! The sad thing is, that we were only turning in our VA license's and getting a FL one.....the hubs had no trouble at all but me?.. not so much! 

2. Mhmmm....right again! I never was required to change my name on my SS card in VA when my hubby and I got married almost 20 years before I could be issued a shiny, new FL drivers license, I had to go to the SSA and change my name on my SS card.....then guess where I had to go back to on Monday???  Back to the DMV..... A repeat of Friday...all over again! I thought I was gonna cry!!!

3. I really do....but I cannot stand her dachsund!
 My Saturday was spent steam cleaning her carpets yet again because of what has to be the nastiest dog in the world. I cannot fathom living with an animal that refuses to use the "bathroom" outside.....seriously. She will not "go" outside, only inside!
That dog would have long since found a new home if she were mine. Disgusting, is an understatement!
I have to steam her carpets at least once every week and a half, or the dog urine and feces smell will knock you out once you open the MIL's front door!

4. after the entire day at the MIL's dog! We went home and showered then went to dinner at Golden Corral, we were all starving, so it seemed fitting and we wanted to see what the hype was over their new chocolate wonderfall: was a sight...lets just say that...lmao!

5. Sunday....hmmm...where to begin....after my papers were delivered and breakfast was over the hubby and I headed to hhgregg to find a new TV.
We deperately needed a new one for our room....the old one was wouldnt even turn off we went!

6. Monday, the kids were off from school today, so I made my son an eye exam appt.

7. Next was off to order his glasses...

8. then his haircut at the barber shop...

9. Game Stop....his favorite place in the world....well! I had received a text letting me know that his pre order game would be available today...Tuesday, but had to be paid for did that! Wowweeee.....pre order games are expensive!

9.5.....see number 1 & 2.... then repeat here.....lmao! been a full day thus far, between the errands, pick up at drop off at school, and the hectic weekend....Im exhausted!

Seee.....I totally was busy as heck these past few days....I bet you all thought I was lounging on some exotic beach huh?....Hmmmmmm....sounds like a plan to me!

Happy Tuesday!!


RAnn said...

You lead an exciting life! I wouldn't let that dog IN the house so he'd have to go outside!

Crystal said...

Lol....I wouldnt call it exciting....but it is definately hectic!

My thoughts exactly! but the MIL says "she" < the dog> is like her child....while I agree, we all potty train our children and wouldnt tolerate that from them....soooo if thats the case....something is definately wrong in this situation! lol!

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