Monday, October 17, 2011

My CVS & Wags trips this morning.

Nothin' fancy. I just took advantage of the GC deal this week.

2 Bounty towels @ $13.00 each =$26.00
1 Wisk  $4.99
-$.50 Bounty ( 2 x $.25/1)
-$2.00 Wisk
-$23.00 ECB's
=$5.31 after Taxes
received the $10.00 GC

~Now I just gotta note here that the this was the Lakeland Highlands Rd store, which never has stock anymore, I have posted about before, so to my surprise....there was a LARGE sign directly in front of the Wisk that said LIMIT 2 per customer!!!!~

Again, nothin fancy.
It's been a long time that a liquid fabric softner deal has been around, and since my last bottle was nearly empty, I took advantage of the BOGO Suavitel deal this week at Wags.

Total OOP today:
CVS: $5.31
Wags: $6.40

Total Saved today:
CVS:  $37.48
Wags:  $5.98

& earned a $10.00 Gift Card.
I <3 CVS &
How did you guys do this week at the drugstores?


Couponing Away Debt said...

Thanks for visiting my hop! I returned the follow via GFC. BTW nice savings :)

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