Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Aldi Trip!

Love, love, love my Aldi store!

I usually go about twice per month, I always spend way less than I would at other stores. So its totally worth the drive for me.

Now I am all stocked up again, so no major shopping trips for at least the next 2 weeks.
Just perishable fill in trips, free/cheapie deals and drugstore shopping for me until next month.

Can you tell who gets the pleasure of baking 4 dozen cupcakes and bringing in snacks for my son's Halloween party AND the fall festival at school? Ahhhh....Good!

Wow....sorry for the terrible can hardly even read whats on the receipt..=(


Melissa + Tiffany @ Home Grown Families said...

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Jill said...


i'm a new follower from Friday's blog hop! Hope you'll stop by and consider following me back!

I love Aldi's so many great deals there!


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