Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Blog it Forward Tuesday & Giveaway linky!

Introducing Blog It Forward Tuesday!

A blog hop and giveaway linky hosted by Just Married with Coupons and Sweep Tight. The concept of this blog hop is the same as any other – to meet new bloggers and gain more followers. But, what if we took it a step further?

The idea of the Blog It Forward theme is to not only gain more followers, but also do something a little extra for each other (pay it forward). Instead of just following each blog, take an extra minute to do a little more. Some examples could be…referring them to your facebook friends, tweet about them, stumble a post, add their giveaway to a linky…get creative. We all know how busy us bloggers can be, so little things like this are really appreciated!

Give It To Me Monday
Here are the simple rules:
  1. Follow both hostsJust Married with Coupons and Sweep Tight – via Google Friend Connect. Make sure you leave a comment and we will follow back.
  2. Grab our button if you would like to help spread the word! The more people who know, the more fun!
  3. Follow any other blogs that may interest you.
  4. Blog it forward if you can! Just one random act of niceness to another blogger can go a long way.
  5. Don’t forget to add your giveaways to the second linky, too!



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