Saturday, September 24, 2011

New blog = new direction....

maybe this blog fiasco is a blessing in disguise. I was so hard on myself for not keeping up with my blog posts that I totally lost my love for blogging, until I couldnt do it anymore, then I was so upset =(


I am gonna use this fresh start as the chance to regain my love for my blog.
I am not gonna beat myself up for not being able to post as often as I should.
I am gonna aim for one post per day, and if I dont make it, its no big deal cuz you all know I am human, and life always comes before computers in the real world of being a mommy and wifey, but if I do make it...then all the better.

I love blogging....and I hope that you love my posts as much as I <3 making them for you!


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